We offer a reliable service to our clients by guaranteeing efficiency, value for money, and an overall sense of community cleanliness.

Founded in 2017 by Fortune Hadebe and Bafana Mkhawane, at Reroute Waste we pride ourselves in creating and fostering an imperishable respect for the environment. Through our passion for environmental sustainability, Reroute Waste is a waste management company that stands for authenticity, problem resolution and sustainable business practices.

At Reroute Waste, we build relationships with our clients, provide needs analysis and through our passion we build an innovative waste management plan for our clients that allows them to achieve their waste management objectives as per legislation, and easily adapt to the dynamic waste management environment.

As a part of a greater Ecosystem of companies, we can leverage off the services provided within the Ecosystem to further develop our waste management strategies and practices.

“Our fully integrated approach means that we control the waste management process, from inception through completion.”

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Our efficiency stems from our passion for the environment, coupled with our desire to educate and impart lasting environmental change.

  • We provide Environmental protection through sustainable waste management practices.
  • We provide affordable waste services to our clients.
  • We encourage Waste Recycling programs to our clients.
  • We facilitate the safe disposal of non-recyclable material.